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Services | Tailoring, Alterations & Embroidery

Tuxedos, Suits, Jackets & Blazers

  • Sleeves, shorten – lengthen, plain – vented
  • Sides in/out
  • Sides through double vents
  • Raise & shorten back
  • Button or move button
  • Remove imitation buttonholes
  • Center seam in/out
  • Center seam with vent
  • Pad shoulder
  • Add facing

Slacks, Pants & Shorts

  • Hem Unfinished – Open Bottom
  • Hem Finished – Pre-Hem
  • Hem by Hand
  • Waist and Seat In/Out/Split Waistband
  • Waist In/Out Remove Waistband
  • Waist, Seat and Thigh
  • Seat In/Shape/Deepen
  • Seat In/Thigh
  • Taper
  • Line Crotch
  • Replace Zipper
  • Suspender Buttons
  • Reattach Original Jean Hem
  • Recut
  • Add Facing

Reweaving: Holes, Tears, Rips, Burns

  • French Reweaving
  • Piece Reweaving
  • Reknitting

Wedding, Prom Dresses, Gowns & Skirts

  • Creating Bustles
  • Hem Shorten / Lengthen- Plain / Vented
  • Hem Partial Pleat or Full
  • Full Pleat
  • Sleeves, Shorten / Lengthen, Plain/Vented
  • Sleeves, Shorten, Move Placket
  • Taper Sleeves
  • Waist In/Out Remove Waistband
  • Waist In/Out Thru Sides
  • Waist In/Out and Fabric
  • Sides In/Out with Pockets
  • Sides In/Out without Pockets

Shirts, Blouses & Coats

  • Sleeves, Make Into Short
  • Sleeves, Shorten, Move Placket
  • Sleeves, Shorten / Lengthen Plain/No Placket
  • Taper Sides / Sleeves
  • Darts

Raincoat, Overcoat, Outerwear

  • Sleeves, Shorten, Plain/Vented; Shorten with Cuff, Belt, Details
  • Sides In/Out; Add Facing

Window Treatments (Draperies)

Bedding Services


      • Banners
      • Ribbons
      • Hats
      • Shirts
      • Jackets
      • Monograms
      • Uniforms
      • Towels
      • Gifts
      • Hankerchiefs
      • Lace
      • Table Cloths
      • and More
All Alterations Custom Tailoring Seamstress Summerville SC

Thank you for your service.

We are proud to say we have served thousands of our nation’s finest over the years from their Mess Jackets, to Patches, to general alterations matching military standards. Having the proper fit will keep you looking your best for years. We not only serve all branches of the United States Armed Forces but also Police, Fire, and Medical Responders.

*This is only a small list of what we are able to do, please let us know if you think of something else.

      • Sleeve hems : Proper length is one inch below the wrist bone
      • Trouser/ slack hems: Touching top of shoe, may have a break
      • Skirt Hem: Knee high length – No more than 1″ above or 2″ below the center of the knee
      • Full Length skirt hems: Touch the top of pumps, wear pumps for best measurements
      • Army Officer coats: Sleeve Braids/ shoulder straps
      • Army Enlisted coats: Army Soutache, Hash marks, Army Chevrons
      • Officer Coats
      • Enlisted Coats
      • Army Mess Jackets: Rank patches
      • Take in and let out of pants
      • Changing Satin Lapel
      • Lower Collar
      • Shorten or lengthen coat (only lengthen to allowable seam)
      • Sew Ranks
      • Deepen Armholes
      • Let out or take in sides of jackets
      • Finish sleeves enlisted
      • Braid sleeves officer
      • Move Buttons
      • Take in waist
      • Taper sides
      • Braid trousers with hem
      • Taper legs with 2 / 4 seams
      • Hem slacks
      • Nylon/ bullion cuffs